Your custom acoustical foam supplier


QCCP is a custom manufacturer of acoustical foam and acoustical foam/plastic assemblies.  These components are used for aesthetics and sound control.   

We have 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space with the capabilities of Die Cutting, Foam Cutting (both Hot Wire and Saw Cutting), Plastic Bending, Adhesive Bonding, Sewing, Thermoforming, Router Trimming, Plastic Milling and pack & palletizing.  We have in-house tooling capabilities for building Steel Rule Dies, Vacuum Molds, and Trim Fixtures

To contact us:

204 North Second Ave West
Suite A
Lake Mills, IA 50450

Phone: 641-592-1700
Fax: 641-592-1701
Email: sales@qccpinc.com